With pace, humour and experiential expertise

Making a podcast is incredibly fun and exciting. For me, the challenge is always to continuously captivate the listener. With humour, expertise and a pleasant way of presenting, I manage to do just that. This is demonstrated by, among others, the podcast ‘BNR Koplopers’ and the popular ‘Italië Podcast’ about Italy that I create every week together with Eveline Rethmeier at Dag & Nacht Media. More than 140 episodes have already been produced, from politics to fashion, culture to crime and from sports to design.

Commercial podcasts

For third-party clients, such as Loyens & Loeff, Kenneth Smit, Wijn & Stael and the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers, I create podcasts tailored to their target audience. For these branded podcasts, I do more than just act as the presenter. Together with the client, I also look at what role having a podcast made can play in the organisation’s strategy. Furthermore, I help with the editing and preparing the format. This way, I am involved from beginning to end.