Debate moderator

Moderator with over 20 years’ experience

Are you looking for an experienced debate moderator? Then look no further. I have been working as a professional moderator for 20 years. Since 2003, I have been doing this for the Nederlands Debat Instituut (Dutch Debate Institute), among others.

I led more than 100 debates for the entrepreneurs’ organisation MKB NL, the national Care Debate and Education Debate. I also worked with BNR and RTL on the Carré debate. And of course, I am a very experienced chairperson for the day. Because I am ‘on stage’ almost every day, I have what it takes to make your debate a resounding success.

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Election debates

Both nationally and internationally, I discuss and lead election debates. In recent years, I have led debates for national, provincial, municipal and European elections. In election debates, I am a strong debate leader. This is where my experience comes in very handy.

Innovative debate concepts

If you book me to lead your debate for an election campaign, I will provide ready-to-use debate concepts for up to 12 parties, with 3 propositions and room for questions from the audience. I also offer a College Tour-like concept where politicians do not debate among themselves but answer questions from participants.

Passionate debate moderator

My involvement in politics goes beyond leading debates. Back in 1999, for example, I did an internship in the House of Representatives, where I experienced the European Parliament election campaign and the Provincial Council elections up close. These unique experiences gave me real insight and a keen interest in the political landscape.

In short, I am a passionate debate moderator with a wealth of experience and deep insight into the world of politics. My contribution to election debates is invaluable for both politicians and the public. So if you are looking for an experienced debate moderator, please contact me.