Training Strong Argumentation

Boost your argumentation skills with Donatello Piras

Are you looking for a training course that will take your argumentation skills to the next level? Then the Strong Argumentation training is perfect for you. This intensive training has been specifically designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to present persuasive and solid arguments.

Argumentation scheme

An important part of this training is the argumentation scheme. This is based on scientific insights and is widely used in policy debates and political-administrative argumentation in the public sector. This scheme provides a structured and effective method to build and present arguments. It is perfect as a training method for professionals in the legal, civil service and political worlds.

Donatello Piras is an expert in persuasion

Donatello Piras is an experienced trainer and expert on persuasion, presentation and argumentation. He will be guiding you during this training, sharing his valuable knowledge and insights on argumentation. And he offers personal feedback and coaching to improve your skills.

After this training, you will be practised in improvising when unexpected events occur during a speech, presentation or plea. You will deal effectively and more consciously with difficult questions and resistance.


Learn strong argumentation skills

  • Theoretical fundamentals of argumentation
  • Use argumentation skills in practice
  • Formulate strong arguments
  • Structure your argumentation
  • Present convincingly
  • Recognise and refute fallacies
  • Use arguments to win minds as well as hearts

The examples in this training come from both the private and public sectors.


Programme training Strong Argumentation

  • What is your communication style?
  • Persuasion from Aristotle to Obama
  • Be the argument!
  • Exercise 1: The essential structure for any speech
  • Exercise 2: Logical and sound persuasion


  • The Standard Disputes explained
  • Exercise 3: Win hearts and minds with your story
  • Fallacies, an introduction
  • Exercise 4: Recognising and refuting fallacies
  • Wrap-up and final tips


For whom?

Training for professionals

The Strong Argumentation training is designed for professionals who want to improve their argumentation skills, such as lawyers, tax advisers, consultants, politicians, managers and policymakers in the public and semi-public sectors.

Dependent on verbal skills

The training is suitable for any professional who has experience in presenting and wants to be even better at it. Managers, consultants, directors, politicians, advisers, lawyers and teachers, among others, will benefit from this training, given the many occasions when they depend on good verbal skills.

Choose your own setting

Given the structure of the training, you can choose the setting for your exercises yourself. This could be a debate, a sales pitch or presenting a proposal in a meeting room.


Results after the Strong Argumentation training

After attending this training, you will be able to argue convincingly and effectively, which can be invaluable in various professional situations. The training is always tailor-made and a practical case can be part of it, so that you can immediately put what you have learned into practice.

After this training:

  • You will communicate convincingly
  • You are able to formulate your own arguments well
  • You will be a constructive conversation partner
  • You can respond quickly in debates
  • You know how to recognise and refute fallacies
  • You know how to win hearts and minds

You will learn techniques that suit your personal style and situation. You will be able to communicate your arguments clearly and decisively. We can work with a cameraman to help you see where your strengths and weaknesses lie.


Hoe duur is de training sterk argumenteren?

Een dagdeel personal training kost € 995,-. Een halve dag incompany training is ook mogelijk voor
€ 1.599,-. Voor een hele dag is de investering € 2.695,00. Dit is inclusief voorbereiding, intake en de training zelf.

Tarieven zijn exclusief BTW.

Waarom Donatello als trainer?

Trainer Donatello Piras

Donatello Piras is dé trainer bij uitstek voor een training in mondelinge communicatie, argumenteren, debatteren, pitchen, presenteren en mediatraining. Zijn unieke meerwaarde komt voort uit zijn ervaring als trainer én zijn eigen wekelijkse podiumoptredens en verschijningen in de media. Deze combinatie zorgt ervoor dat Donatello niet alleen theoretische kennis heeft, maar ook praktische inzichten uit de eerste hand deelt.

Interactieve aanpak

Met zijn inspirerende en interactieve aanpak weet Donatello deelnemers te begeleiden bij het versterken van hun presentatievaardigheden, het opbouwen van overtuigende argumenten en het effectief omgaan met de media. Als trainer die zelf regelmatig in de schijnwerpers staat, begrijpt Donatello als geen ander hoe hij anderen kan helpen om te excelleren in mondelinge communicatie. Kies voor Donatello Piras en geef jouw communicatieve vaardigheden een krachtige boost.

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