Training Persuasion & Presentation

Convince others more often, in any situation and with the right words

Do you always come up with the best idea after giving your presentation? Or do you repeatedly fail to win the argument even though you are right? No worries. You can learn to be persuasive!


Power of persuasion

As a professional, you need to be verbally strong and possess good powers of persuasion. What is easy and even fun for some speakers is difficult for others. Ultimately, everyone benefits from good verbal expression skills. So that is the aim of the Persuasion & Presentation Training.

We organise this special course at the beginning and at the end of the summer.


Donatello Piras is an expert in persuasion

Donatello Piras is an expert in persuasion and a true authority on public speaking. He himself is on stage over 100 times a year as a speaker & chairperson for the day. He is also a trainer & coach of CEOs, top managers and politicians. He guides them, for example, in preparing an important speech or a politically sensitive debate.

Years of experience

Donatello has been coaching politicians from councillors to members of government for years. He also developed several training courses. from ‘The woman as a public speaker’ to ‘Perfect Pitch’ and ‘Successful public speaking.’ Besides his own presentation work at BNR and as a podcast maker, he is regularly asked to give his interpretation of political campaigns, debates and speeches as a media expert. He does this for such programmes as Jinek, Goedemorgen Nederland, EenVandaag, BNR and NPO Radio1.


The result of the Persuasion and Presentation training?

A solid basis to take your presentation to the next level.

The training focuses on presenting, effective structuring, convincing argumentation, choosing the right words with framing and putting your message across in a short pitch or presentation. You will also be inspired by TEDx speakers, world leaders and CEOs through the analysis of video fragments and you will learn the dos and don’ts of PowerPoint and speaking at conferences. Of course, you will receive extensive feedback from fellow course participants, but especially from the highly experienced trainer & persuasion expert himself.

This is what you will learn

What are you going to learn?

  • To present better
  • To make a pithy pitch
  • To argue more convincingly

Including practical exercises

Trainer & Communication Specialist Donatello Piras teaches you how to convince and helps you understand your own communication style. You will analyse speakers yourself and get to work so that you will really make progress. The practical exercises include making a short pitch or presenting a proposal in a setting of your choice, such as a conference or board meeting.


Programme training Persuasion and Presentation

  • What is your communication style?
  • The secret of persuasion
  • Exercise 1: Powerful presentation
  • Exercise 2: The dos and don’ts in PowerPoint




  • Inspiration from TEDx, world leaders and CEOs
  • The essential structure for any speech
  • Exercise 3: Use framing to say more in fewer words
  • Exercise 4: Dealing with tough questions and maintaining authority
  • Wrap-up and final tips


For whom?

Training for professionals

The Persuading & Presenting training is suitable for any professional who wants to take their verbal skills a step further. This could be speaking, giving speeches or pitching. The practical structure of the training allows you to choose the setting for your exercises. This could be a pitch, a speech in front of a group or presenting a proposal in a meeting.

The training is suitable for any professional who has experience in presenting and wants to advance their skills. Such professionals as managers, consultants, executives, politicians, advisers, lawyers and teachers will benefit from this training. Because in these fields in particular, you often depend on good verbal skills.


Results after this one-day training course

Na deze training:

  • You understand what is compelling and what is not
  • You speak powerfully and persuasively
  • You know how to structure a story logically
  • You will be better able to decide what to say when you prepare
  • You can say more using fewer words
  • You make powerful and logical arguments
  • You know how to present persuasively and confidently
  • You know the key do’s & don’ts of tools such as PowerPoint
  • You know how to maintain your authority in a conversation when faced with difficult questions


In the Persuasion and Presentation training you learn techniques that suit your personal speaking style and situation. At the end of the training, you will be able to tell a captivating story and you will be practiced in improvising when unexpected events occur during a speech, presentation or argument. You will be able to handle difficult questions and resistance effectively.


What does the Persuasion and Presentation training cost?

A half-day personal training session costs € 995. A half-day in-company training is also possible for € 1,295. This includes preparation, intake and the training itself.

Why choose Donatello?

Trainer Donatello Piras

Donatello Piras is the trainer of choice for training in oral communication, argumentation, debating, pitching, presenting and media training. His unique added value comes from his experience as a trainer as well as his own weekly stage performances and appearances in the media. This combination ensures that Donatello not only has theoretical knowledge, but will also share first-hand practical insights.

With his inspiring and interactive approach, Donatello knows how to coach participants in strengthening their presentation skills, building persuasive arguments and dealing effectively with the media. As a trainer who himself is regularly in the spotlight, Donatello understands better than anyone how to help others excel in oral communication. Choose Donatello Piras and give your communication skills a powerful boost.


"Professionele houding met af en toe een humoristische opmerking, wat het geboeid houdt."


"Donatello kan met alle gasten en deelnemers een aandachtig gesprek voeren en is flexibel in de samenwerking."

Betaalvereniging Nederland:

"Zeer professioneel: goed voorbereid, geïnteresseerd in de gasten, voortdurend bij de les en met een sympathieke uitstraling."